→ What about small loads? Can I get rid of, say, one appliance without paying too much? No problem, small pickups are still cost effective with 1-855-FIN-JUNK's low minimum!

You only pay for the volume that we haul, not an entire truckload.

Junk Removal Pricing

Get more hauling for your dollar
when you call 1-855-F'IN-JUNK!

At 1-855-F'IN-JUNK, we offer affordable rates upfront, with no run-around or surprises on the bill.

As shown in the chart below, our prices are determined by load volume. Whether your load's large or small, you only pay for what we haul.

We'd be happy to provide a free quote, just call 1-855-FIN-JUNK or send us a message online.

Junk Removal Rates

Load SizeVolume (ft3)Price
MIN Load0 to 31 ft.3$5900
1/8th Loadup to 62 ft.3$11700
1/6th Loadup to 83 ft.3$15500
1/4th Loadup to 125 ft.3$23100
3/8th Loadup to 187 ft.3$34000
1/2th Loadup to 250 ft.3$44700
5/8th Loadup to 312 ft.3$54000
3/4th Loadup to 375 ft.3$60000
7/8th Loadup to 437 ft.3$63000
Full Loadup to 500 ft.3$64900

Disposal Surcharge Items

Some items such as paint, chemicals, and freon-containing appliances require a small surcharge to cover our cost of proper disposal.

Not sure if your junk material is accepted? Check our FAQ or feel free to ask us online.