About 1-855-F'IN-JUNK

1-855-F'IN-JUNK is your one source way to remove your unwanted junk and recycle appliances from your home or business. It can be one item or a full clean out, we provide a high level of quality service at affordable rates on Long Island and the tri-state area.

Locally owned & operated, 1-855-F'IN-JUNK provides quality junk removal service to Long Island and the 5 Boroughs.

1-855-F'IN-JUNK is a family owned business that offer professional junk removal service to residential and commercial establishments.

If your moving or just wanna remove unwanted junk, our service is an ideal source for your needs. Let our trained staff accommodate you with the heavy lifting and properly dispose of all yourunwanted junk. You will not have to lift a finger. Just point and we will remove it. It can be in your attic, crawl space, basement, garage, backyard or up staires. We load it onto our truck, remove it from your property and broom sweep all work areas. We will strive to provide you with the best service and experience without lifting a finger.

Our customer satisfaction has been the reason for our success.

1-855-F'IN-JUNK does not only remove junk. We also relocate furniture and appliances to another room in your home or offices.

Company History: Why We're called F'in Junk...

Joseph incorporated E Industries back in March of 1999. He stated out with one truck, a 1993 pick up.

After years of hard work, dedication and a big thanks to his customers for believing in him, he grew his company to a fleet of over 20 trucks. His services are catered more towards the commercial client. Some of his services are landscaping, asphalt repair, line striping, street sweeping, store clean outs, garbage removal, painting, lighting, snow plowing, tree removal and all other aspects that go along with building maintenance.

After so many years doing commercial work. He wanted to branch out and start a company that caters to the residential customer. He been thinking what can he offer to the residential customer that he has years of experience.

One day Joe and his son were cleaning out the garage and they came a cross an old remote control car. His son picked up the car and asked "what about this" in Joe's mind, he says to him self, "it's F'IN JUNK, why do I still have it".... That's when he said out loud, "THAT'S IT! I have years of experience in junk removal and we all have unwanted junk that we wanna get rid of". For a few days and weeks of thinking what to name this new company, he remembered that day it the garage and recalled that moment and his reaction to the remote control car. He figured he will name the company for what it is. That's how 1-855-F'IN-JUNK got its name.

In addition to removing junk, 1-855-F'IN-JUNK can help with your other hauling needs, such as relocating heavy furniture and appliances to another room in your home or office.

1-855-F'IN-JUNK Recycles: Doing Our Part to Keep it Clean

At 1-855-F'IN-JUNK, we recycle junk materials whenever possible, and dispose of non-recyclable items responsibly at designated facilities to ensure that our environmental impact is minimized. As a local junk removal company, we have a personal stake in keeping our own neighborhood clean, and preventing junk from ending up in a landfill if possible.

Where does your junk go? Well, here are just a few examples:

  • Scrap Metal goes to a metal recycling facility
  • E-Waste is taken to an electronic waste recycling facility where it is broken down into component materials, many of which are recovered and recycled
  • Appliances are also treated as e-waste, they are recycled after removing harmful chemicals like Freon in refrigerators and A/C units
  • Yard Waste, scrap wood, and clippings are processed at a green waste facility where they are composted
  • Office Waste and Shredded Paper goes to a paper recycling plant, where it is broken down into pulp and re-used in recycled products

Employment Opportunities: Join the F'in Team!

1-855-F'IN-JUNK is looking for hard working professionals with excellent customer service skills.

Got what it takes? Then check out our current job openings and find out how to apply.